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This Week In Internet: The Polar Bear Lives, but the Chinese Man Dies

The Sun Wants to See Your Veg

There are so many things about this story (about a parsnip that looks like a witch) that make it Great Journalism:

1. Headline: "The Root of All Evil"
2. The picture of the man and his parsnip
3. The fact that a parsnip made the news at all
5. This quote: "Brian . . . has grown veg (veg?  WTF, Britain?) for five years.  He said keeping a parsnip was a 'bit odd' and it could still end up on his plate or even in a broth."  Well gee, I'll have to make sure I catch the follow-up article, when we find out the thrilling conclusion.
6. The part after the article where The Sun asks, "Who does your veg look like?" and solicits reader responses.


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Honestly, I think it would literally make my day to open my newspaper up and see a funky parsnip (or veg, if you will). Enough of the politics and killing. We need more veg in this world.

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