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This Week in Internet: Justin Timberlake?

Perhaps the decision to include a reference to a ridiculously addictive Justin Timberlake song on this month's banner image was a poor choice. I have had that song stuck in my head for the entire week.  That's why the theme for this week's edition of TWII is "Justin Timberlake Songs."  I am hoping that invoking the names of so many of his (and 'N Sync's) past songs all at once will somehow short-circuit my brain and rid it of its awful new tendency to play "Sexy Back" in a constant loop.

God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You: Except, not really.  Some new dollar coins accidentally printed without the "In God We Trust Imprint."   Those who happened upon them are now saying, "In eBay we trust" and sellin' those suckers for whatever they can get.

Like I Love You:
Study finds that people view their pets through rose-colored glasses, and that they will in fact find reasons to favor anything that you tell them is theirs.  "In another experiment, Kiesler's team asked 36 students to watch a film in which two triangles and a circle seem to have a skirmish. Half were told beforehand that they owned the smaller triangle. On average, this group rated the larger triangle as less "likeable" and most forcefully vilified it for being aggressive."

For the Girl Who Has Everything: A raincoat that protects against bullets, knives, broken bottles, projectiles, needles, and--oh yeah--rain.

Cry Me a River: Columbia students protest that hot Matthew Fox is not good enough to be their graduation speaker. Wahh.

Digital Get Down
: I'm clumping a few computer/technology links under this title, because I'm having trouble finding technology allusions in JT's canon. Shocker, that.

  • Via Fimoculous, a list of the CompUSA stores that are closing (including the one nearish my apartment).  Yay, time to go pick through clearance items!
  • If you have Photoshop you will enjoy playing with the Crest-o-Matic on I'm still working on my McMahon family crest, and of course then I'll probably have to make an Addison-Weemer one or Cathy will be jealous.
  • The 50 Most Important People on the Web
  • Who Owns Your Image on the Internet?

What Goes Around Comes Around: Little girl calls 911 because her Grandpa is cheating at a board game.

Chop Me Up: Two men get in a fight and decide to take it outside.  The problem?  They were surgeons, and they were in the middle of an operation.

Rock Your Body: American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention .  "Velociraptor season is here.  Are you prepared?"

Which Justin Timberlake song is now cycling through your head?


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