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Oh, And Allergic People Can Just Deal With It, Thanks

The owner of the hair place I go to has two very teeny cream-colored poodles who are too young to be left home alone, so instead they are both just set up in a little pen in the waiting room of the salon.  May I just say that this is the best business idea ever?  As I sat waiting for Dan to call me back I got to snuggle and play with both of them, and my customer satisfaction level was therefore through the roof before I even got to sit in the chair.

Later, as Dan was finishing up, someone let the poodles out and I got to watch the puppies play fight and kronche each other for several glorious minutes.  It was then cemented in my mind that someday, if I ever happen to run a country, I will require that in order to receive a license for operating, all businesses must agree to have two tiny puppies on the premises at all times.  It just makes good business sense.


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The Mayor

You don't need to run your own country, you just need to move to France.

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