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So Yeah, We Really Did Go to the National Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

We didn't win the $50,000, but I did at least take about 50,000 pictures.  Vegas is awesome, and being a member of a Rock Paper Scissors entourage is a pretty sweet way to see it.  Group shot:


I'll be uploading massive quantities of photos to Flickr this week, but here are a few highlights of our trip to 2007 USARPS National Champtionships.

1. Carolyn facing off for the whole world to see (or whatever part of it watches ESPN2 on July 7):


2. Getting to meet other awesome players with great costumes:


3. Drinking all the free Bud Light we could stomach (and then some):


4. Attending the finals and admiring Phil Gordon's reffing skillz:


5. And of course, hanging out at the after party:


I'm feeling just a tad bit UNBELIEVABLY EXHAUSTED right now, so you're gonna have to wait for the rest.


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hi hi,

i stumbled onto your blog awhile ago and its beyond awesome, thank you. i was actually at the RPS tournament this weekend too--i was the girl with the camera crew trailing her, interviewing the geico cavemen and santa (while sitting on his knee) for FHM magazine. i wish to god that those pink shirts would've caught my eye! anyway, just wanted to say you're not alone in basking in the awesomeness of a useless tournament. rock on!



haha, awesome--thanks for the comment. santa was great, i totally want to see that interview!

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