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This Week In Internet: Don't Have Too Much Beer on a Stick or You Might Fall Into a Concrete Mixer

Mark Paul Gosselaar's son is his spitting image.

"A Philadelphia couple . . . will take their sweet communication skills to another level as the only words the two can exchange for a month will be printed on M&M's."  Apparently M&Ms is going to give them $1000 for each day they make it without talking, so they can earn up to $31,000.  This, to me--and please picture me shuffling through a gigantic bag of M&Ms and then placing each of these words in front of you to slowly, inexorably make my point--seems like

    [Bag shuffle]
    [Bag shuffle]
    [Bag shuffle]
    [Bag shuffle]
    [Bag shuffle]
    [Bag shuffle]

This one's for Clanky: The 10 Hottest Movie Robots.

"Because of a transmission error, a film review yesterday about 'Live Free or Die Hard' misstated the critic's description of the plot. It should have been described as 'logic-defying,' not 'logic-defined.'"

It looks like a zebra wearing white long sleeved Under Armor or something.

My favorite innovations this week:

Headline of the week: Drunk woman fell in concrete mixer.

K, I'm off to go try and find me a pet zorse.  See you Monday.


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