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Unfortunately, If I Spent $100 on These I Would Have No Beer Money Left

Today while browsing Etsy I came across these magnificent (if a bit pricey @ $100) Custom Leather Beer Holsters:


From the product description: "This listing is for a CUSTOM all-leather set of beer holsters and belt. It will be fitted to YOUR measurements. They're made from a thick vegetable tanned leather which is hand-cut, sanded, edged and assembled. The belt is 1" wide."

I'm not even joking when I say that I would wear these beer holsters ALL THE TIME if I had them.  Don't believe me?  Allow me to present Exhibit A, the shirt I wore to Doug's 25th birthday party:


Let me tell you, when I discovered that the pockets of my Target tank top each neatly fit a Bud Light can apiece, it was probably one of the top five moments of my life thus far.  I couldn't get over the convenience of it all--the ability to transport two beers at a time while keeping my hands free; the nice, cool feeling of having chilled beer cans against my body in Kelly's hot apartment; the fact that the color scheme of the shirt matched the Bud Light color scheme perfectly--it was amazing.  That night I was thinking that maybe I would start wearing that tank top every day for the rest of my life.

In the end, my fashionable side has kept me from committing the sin of wearing the same $12 top all the time, and my rational side will keep me from spending $100 on beer holsters.  However, it's good to know that at least one enterprising crafter our there has discovered the same truth that I myself encountered on that fateful July day: there are few things in life as pleasurable as being able to reach down to your hip and grab a nice, cold beer.


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those are at least extraordinary, if not life-changing.

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