That's Right, 'Industrious'
An Important Non-Change to Your Plan

A Highly Scientific LMNOPoll

Which would be the worst gift to give someone?

  • A box of 20 live hamsters anonymously FedExed to his or her door
  • One of those pictures that come with the frame when you buy it, but without the frame
  • A $1000 "Kimora Lee Simmons Online Gift Card" redeemable only for products at (Sidenote to Kimora's people: If doesn't already re-direct to your site, you are losing some relevant hits).
  • An STD

Choose wisely--like I said, this is science!

P.S. There is a right answer.


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Clearly, anything bearing the name "Kimora" is the worst. Most STDs can be treated.


the hamsters, i would feel like mike vike when i killed them...


I'll take anything I can sell on ebay, so the worst are the STD and the hamsters. but i bet the aspca will take the hamsters.


people are still commenting on america's most fonted. really?


I going to choose shitty picture without the frame. I would force myself to keep it, because I can't seem to throw things away.


They're all bad, but I would say hamsters are the worst because they're a living thing that you would have to deal with. The picture and gift card wouldn't die if you hid them in your attic.

best gift giver ever

i notice crossword puzzle book is omitted. score!


It is great that people can take the loans and it opens up new chances.

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