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This Week In Internet:

Actual Thing Said to Me By a Palm Reader Last Night

"You're going to be traveling sometime soon."

"Well, I'm planning a cruise . . ."

"Yes, a cruise.  On . . . water."

Wow, funny you should say that, Ms. Psychic, because I was actually planning on going on a Land Cruise.  Or maybe a Jello cruise.  Or even an Orange Juice cruise.  But water?  No way.  You are so busted.

Incidentally, she also incorrectly guessed my relationship status and job situation, but when she told me I was a good person and would be very happy and well-off all my life, I was like, damn--this lady's good.


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Did you pay money for this eye-opening experience?


Do you know how long the video for "t's all coming back to me now" is? 7:42!!! THAT'S ALMOST EIGHT MINUTES OF AWESOME

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