This Week In Internet: Onions and iPods, Clippy, and Ridiculous Toys
So, Where Do I Sign Up?

In Other Words, My Entire Weekend Pretty Much Consisted of Lame Projects Involving My Dog

Behold: while you were spending your weekend watching football games and eating bonbons, I was unlocking the mysteries of the Puppy Head Tilt!

Everyone knows it's adorable when puppies and other bebbeh animals tilt their little heads (it is the official Cute Overload Rule of Cuteness #37, after all), and it turns out Pancake does a picture perfect head tilt every time I make a certain noise.

As if that weren't enough of an achievement, I also finished crocheting Pancake a lovely fall sweater last night.  Here are a few pictures of him modeling it:

Rustic fall sweater

America's Next Pup Model

Basically a model

There are also a couple miscellaneous new Pancake pictures in his photoset.

All in all, this was the most productive weekend I've had in quite a while.


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OMG! you are so talented.


omg i love the head tilt


nix the "omg" from the previous comment. it's repetitive.


omgzorz your dog is so cute


cuteness overload... omg! i need insulin!!!1! ;)


haha those are some damn cute pictures of Pancake, the dog I've never met but almost love more than my own dog. Very talented on the crocheting as well

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