So, Where Do I Sign Up?


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When you cited the rule number, I couldn't not submit it.

Yes, that's me, wacky random internet commenter who sets goals for stranger's dogs and then works to fulfill them. There is something seriously wrong with me.


Haha, OMG! Pancake officially nominates you his Internet Godmother :-)


Wow, what an honor! Let me know what my responsibilities would be if I'm elected (or appointed - how is this going to work at LMNOP HQ, Cathy?) and I'll do my best to try to define that line between earnest appreciation and stalking.

And because I'm crazy in all sorts of ways, including spotting and obsessing over grammar gaffes, especially my own, I'm making a lame self-correction comment: "strangers' dogs." (Hey, you haven't had an abusage post in over a year! Consider this a request for more humorous indignation of the language-related sort.)

As Internet Godmother, I supposed you'd have to comment frequently on Pancake posts and talk about how cute he is and how big he's getting.

And wow, didn't realize how badly I was slacking on the Abusage category! Must find some grammar errors!!!!


Congrats, Lauren. (And Pancake.)

Did you read the Cute Overload comment about how you should have a kitteh named Syrup? I vote yes.

G. Oshel



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