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Found: The Planet's Ugliest Socks

The title of this post pretty much says it all: I have found the ugliest pair of socks in the world.  They were at Nordstrom Rack, they cost $2.97, and I bought them because they were so unbelievably ugly that I wanted to own them so that from now on, if I'm having a bad day, I can take them out and think, "Hey--at least I'm not the guy who designed these socks."

Are you ready for this?  (Click to enlarge.)


The best part is that not only are they hideous, they also aren't really at all functional as socks; the safety pins, chains, and tufts of pink hair make them pretty much impossible to wear with shoes.  They exist solely to be ugly.  And I own them.


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I would wear those to parties where I chose to wear shoes for some reason.


er... chose not to. Proofreading is phun.


holy shnikeys those are wiiiiicked uggggg

the Lady

Those are truly hideous.


Pretty designs of socks. A work of art.


Could you tell me the brand of these??

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