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I Link You

Here are a few links to review if you're bored because you didn't get Mario Kart for your birthday.

  • Friday's Word of the Day was a cool one: subfusc.
  • Did you hear about this teacher who sued her students?
  • Umm, hopefully this umbrella is bulletproof too because I think people will want to shoot you if you wear it.
  • Quiz: Can you name all the Presidents in 10 minutes?
  • MacGyver movie on the way?
  • For the record, I will always link to any story I find about orphaned baby animals doing cute things.
  • Awesome SNL skit about The Office.



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the mayor

My fave quote from the umbrella story reads like something KELLYq or Rory Porkham might say:
The "brolly" hit England in the 18th century. The Brits took a while to warm up: An 1871 history reads, "Only a few years back those who carried Umbrellas were held to be legitimate butts."

James Buchanan



and one of them was FREAKING JAMES BUCHANAN


Thanks to your link to that quiz and, my roommate and I just spent two full hours (it's almost 1 AM?!) perched in front of a laptop exclaiming phrases like, "Damn! Where WERE the Olympics in 1976?" and, "For the love, Julia Roberts was in three movies in 2002?!" and "The fifteenth original cast member of LOST? Um, um...VINCENT THE DOG! [enthusiastic high five]" and "MAN this is such good practice for trivia tomorrow night!" I now feel like a huge geek...but also really really awesome. Good find!

trivia HEARTers

P.S. The name in the previous comment was supposed to appear as "trivia <3ers" but TypePad effed it up. "Posted by: trivia" just looked too painfully stupid to go without correction.


"Quiz: Can you name all the Presidents in 10 minutes?"

In 2:26, apparently. But I had to memorize the preisdents in order (without the help of color-coded terms of office) for a history class in high school. My favorite part is the "who is most forgotten" section: no one, not Washington nor our CURRENT president, is at 100% recall. Amazing.


That professor who is suing her students should talk to one of our profs here:

he has a much better way of dealing with things.

p.s. he might sound great on the internets, but i promise you, he's way more fun in real life.


Ugh, I fail at life . . . Well, I fail at president guessing games. Among the presidents whose names I couldn't summon up in TEN full minutes of pondering: Thomas Jefferson.


oh my God, Is this a diabolical idea of Jim Carrey? I refer to the office. Very funny, really!

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