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Genius Moment of the Week

This one will be hard to beat.  Yesterday, after parking at Target and setting my keys on top of the car while I arranged my purse, I actually forgot to take my keys with me into the store.  That's right--I just left them sitting on top of my car, out in the open, for over an hour while I shopped.I didn't realize what I had done until I got back to my car and there they were, glistening in the sun. 

At first I was amazed that neither my car nor anything in it was stolen, but after putting a little more thought into it I've decided that maybe I've accidentally stumbled upon an innovation in car safety.  I mean, think about it: who is going to steal a car in a situation like that?  Even the dumbest thief has to assume it's some kind of setup, right?

Either way, I'm pretty impressed with myself.  For years I thought I was dumb every time I locked my keys inside my car, but this was even worse.


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lauren, so far this week lmnop has been golden. keep up the good work, but try not to put your personal welfare on the line for the humor. unless it's this funny, then it's ok.

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