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Virginia, June 1776

Benfranklin TommyJeff3: hey ben, what's a good word for 'obvious'
AlmanacLuvr: ummm idk . . . what do u need it for
TommyJeff3: i'm writing that thing
AlmanacLuvr: ohhhh right right right.  the independence thing
TommyJeff3: yeah i'm stuck on this one sentence right now: "we hold these truths to be ovbious . . ."
AlmanacLuvr: hmm you're right, 'obvious' sounds weird Tomjeffersonthere--did you try asking noah webster for a synonym? he's good with words.
TommyJeff3: he's got an away msg up right now
AlmanacLuvr: lame
TommyJeff3: yeah . . . brb
AlmanacLuvr: k
TommyJeff3: ok i'm back.  i got it!
AlmanacLuvr: yeah?
TommyJeff3: self-evident
AlmanacLuvr: ooh, nice


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James Buchanan


James Buchanan


Pablo Gómez Valero

for me obvius don´t sound weird, this world came from Latin language, evident, obvious, hahaha, but the conversation is so funny, can u imagine? I´m not sure but there is an urban legend told that when the independence of the Americans regarding the British, the Americans thought to use the Greek or another dead language as the language of the united states of america



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