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Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Best Toy Ever!

This Week In Internet: It's Ba-ack!

First, I loved your comments on yesterday's post.  They were fantastic.  You all have earned my BEST WISHES and WARMEST REGARDS. 

Now, onto the excitement!  My Internet-browsing schedule has finally stabilized (God, it was a rough couple of months there) and the bookmarks are starting to pile up again, just like in the good old days of 2007 and early 2008.  I think it's officially time to reinstate This Week In Internet as a recurring Friday feature.  Rejoice!  Here are this week's links:

Group One: Words are Funny

Group Two: The Internet Is Good for You

Group Three: Cute Animals Are Also Good for You

Group Four: Art (Kinda)

Group Five: Science (Kinda)

Group Six: Some People Are Smart.  Some People Are Dumb.

Group Seven: This One Link About Balloon Animals That Doesn't Fit in the Other Groups


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Pablo Gómez Valero

wooooo!!!Bambi has become a unicorn.

James Buchanan

I got 100% on the artist / ape quiz on the FIRST try

- James Buchanan


I nominate the restaurant "What the Pho?" for "best pun store EVAR" and respectfully submit that it kicks all the other pun stores' asses. Except the Merchant of Tennis. That one is beyond awesome and completely unexpected :D


http://www.flickr.com/photos/cheftami/200750106/ Photo of "What the Pho?" !!

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