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Yes, I Also Do Politics

When was the last time a Vice President did something important?

When you think of it that way--especially if you are my age--it seems particularly irrelevant who get chosen as Obama and McCain's Veep candidates.  After all, other than when Dan Quayle jokes were popular, I can't remember a time in my life when a VP came up regularly in conversation.

There has been a lot of scrutiny lately as to whom McC & OB will choose as their running mates, but I thought about it long and hard today and can only conceive of one person who really cares about the decision, and that would be the guy who manufactures those campaign bumper stickers.  He is sooooo in suspense right now.  He's all, "I have the "Obama/" part figured out, but WHAT DO I PUT AFTER THE SLASH?!"


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One of the best polling questions of the past two decades:

"How do you spell potato?"

(They really asked that!)

And it's an excellent way to chose a VP.


Maybe the person who creates the bumper stickers is a she, did you ever think of that, you sexist?

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