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Next Year They Will Begin Selling Actual Babies

You probably know who Anne Geddes is, but have you ever been to her website?  Turns out putting babies in flower pots is more than just a photography gimmick--it's a freaking industry.  Today I browsed Ms. Geddes' crazy site and found the following products for sale.

"Daffodils" Duvet from the Anne Geddes Bed Linen Collection


Remember that scene in Dodgeball where Vince Vaughan goes to Ben Stiller's wife's house (can't remember the characters' names) and sees all those unicorns everywhere and is really creeped out?  If you are interested in being similarly creepy, but lack the means to buy all those unicorns, I would like to recommend this duvet as an alternative.

The Anne Geddes Mastercard


The Anne Geddes credit card: just what you need so that the next time a cashier asks you how you will be paying today, you can answer, "In babies.  I will be paying with babies today."

The Anne Geddes Hat


Detail close-up:


There are many bizarre items in the clothing section of Anne's site, but these hats are my favorite.  I am trying to think of what scenario they would make sense in, and I think I've got it: an OB-GYN softball team.

The Anne Geddes Watch


What time is it?!  BABY TIME!

Everyone, pretend to be surprised when I get you all Anne Geddes products for Christmas.


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seriously creepy! but i like the softball team idea.


i seriously feel bad for the men married to the women who buy this stuff. plus, how awkward would it be to have "relations" in a bed with baby pictures plastered on it.

i hope i mom-sanitized that comment.


i remember when the baby on the watch was super popular. it was 1996. MOVE ON PEOPLE! LIVE IN THE NOW!!!!

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