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Post-a Rica

In five hours I will head to the airport for a delicious 9-day trip to Costa Rica.  While there, I will be relaxing a LOT.  Even more than I usually do.

Although I lacked the wherewithal to write nine posts in advance of my departure, I wanted to keep the site at least somewhat updated in my absence, so I've come up with a quarter-assed solution.  While I'm on my heavenly tour of Costa Rica, this blog will present you with a (decidedly less-fun) tour of the Internet.  For each day of my vacay, I've scheduled a brief post linking to one of my favorite websites, along with a description of what it is and why I like it.

See you when I get back!


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Pablo Gómez valero

I wish u the best vacances! i was in the beach one week (today i came back) and it´s a complety pleasure.
PD: if u need some kind of help with some spanish word, ask me! but sometime the spanish-american words are differents than the Europe spanish, but i will try! cya.


You are broad minded and socially active.

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