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This Week In Internet: Candy Bars, Curly Sue, and the Statue of Liberty

Those who do not click on the World's Saddest Pug link will be punished.

  • These pictures of the World's Saddest Pug were by far the best thing I saw all week
  • Apparently losing your sense of smell is a lot worse than you would think.
  • Best graphic ever?
  • Video of a Family Guy episode being recorded
  • This Candy Bar Identification Quiz was harder than I thought it would be.  I got 14/20--that's barely a C!
  • TTM
  • Site that compares "based on a true story" movies to the actual true stories behind them.  From the Hoosiers writeup: "In the film, Coach Norman Dale is hired to replace a well-liked Coach who dies . . . In real life, Coach Marvin Wood was hired the previous season to replace Coach Herman "Snort" Grinstead, who was fired for ordering new uniforms against the superintendent's orders."
  • Nine facts you may not know about the Statue of Liberty
  • The girl who played Curly Sue has a band
  • Really cool illusion

Hasta la Monday!


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hahahah i just favorited that pug on flickr!


WTF mate I got 14/20 too

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