You Can't Come on Vacation with Me, But You Can Go to . . .
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You Can't Come on Vacation with Me, But You Can Go to . . .

[I'm in Costa Rica on vacation until the 25th, but here's one of my favorite sites for you to visit if you're bored.  Check back Monday for another fun link.]

Etsy is like the hand-crafted version of eBay--just a bunch of people selling their crafts and other handmade items.  We're not just talking about crocheted oven mitts, either; you can get everything from candles and soaps to cool jewelry, clothes, and even stuff for your pets.  Etsy is THE place to get cool, quirky, cleverly-designed stuff, and if you make just one purchase there you will be addicted forever.

I bought many things on Etsy in recent months (like this, this and these), and all have them shipped extremely fast and were packaged beautifully.  Here are some recommendations to get you started on your own Etsy addiction:


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I love etsy. Recently, I featured a few etsy sellers at my other blog at Amazing the talent out there.

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