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You Can't Come on Vacation with Me, But You Can Go to . . . The Media Nerd

You Can't Come on Vacation with Me, But You Can Go to . . . The Big Picture

[I'm in Costa Rica on vacation until the 25th, but here's one of my favorite sites for you to visit if you're bored.  Check back tomorrow for another fun link.]

The Big Picture is a new-ish site that's updated semi-weekly with, well--big pictures.  It's part of the Boston Globe website, and--if I can get all journo for a minute--it's an example of a really good way for newspapers to use the web medium.  One of the selling points of Internet-based journalism is that the web has infinite room for additional pictures and information, but many outlets misinterpret that benefit as a reason to broadcast superfluous crap.  The Big Picture, on the other hand, is simple, compelling, and well-curated.  There's a little bit of text for context's sake, but it's the glorious, high-res images that do most of the talking.

Get started with the gallery of pictures from the Running with the Bulls, or this Look at the Presidential Candidates.  (Baby Obama=CUTE.)


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