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Materials: Ink on Copy Paper; Free Time

A few weeks ago, after seeing the new Batman movie, I started to think about what superpowers I would want to have if I were a superhero too.  Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that the only superpowers I could get real use out of would be ones I could use at work, because that's where I am most of the time.  Here's an illustrated list of the lame superpowers I could actually use.







Did I forget anything?

Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast: New Gal in Town

As mentioned yesterday, Sylvester has packed up his catnip and moved outta town.  He's been replaced by this little lady--


--Pebbles the Chihuahua.  Peb is four years older than Pancake and is a little wary of her rambunctious new roomie, but he's slowly growing on her.  The close proximity she has allowed him in this picture is already a step up from the day they met, when she didn't even want to be in the same room as him. 

At this rate, I fully expect they'll be wrestling by September.

Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Don't Worry, They Signed Each Others' Yearbooks and Exchanged BFF Lockets

You Sylvester fans out there are gonna be mad about this: everyone's favorite wrestling cat has moved!  (Well, more accurately, my roommate had to move and she of course took him with her.)

Here are the interspecies BFFs in their last picture together:



The bad news is that there will be no more exciting cat-dog wrestling matches, but the good news is that I have a new roommate, and she has a little critter of her own.  Get excited--Pancake's new playmate will be unveiled tomorrow in a gala Pancake Breakfast debut.


This Week In Internet: Yet Another Crazy Japanese Game Show

I haven't posted much this week due to two serious ailments: Olympic fever AND an actual, real cough that's annoying the hell out of me. Still, I got some Quality Internet Browsing Time in.  Here's the yield:

  • Here's a clip of a show where Japanese people attempt to fit their bodies through shapes cut out of a moving wall.  Because, why not?
  • Sandy Richards, the world's tallest woman (7'7"), died this week at 53.
  • Did you see Cloris Leachman roast Bob Saget?
  • Coolest calendar idea I've seen in a while
  • Rad 3-D illusions
  • Some neat-o historical maps

OK, back to the Olympics!