Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Shady
Where Are They Now?

Party Bus and Party Baby

Posted some sets to Flickr today. 

On Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of riding in something called a Party Bus.  A Party Bus, for those of you who've not had the pleasure, is a ginormous bus filled with alcohol, seedy lighting, and rowdy twenty-somethings.  It is also officially the mode of transportation that elicits the best facial expressions from my sister: 

"The Over the Shoulder" The "Nice Bone Structure" And finally, "The Princess Bitch Stare" Cool faces
Other Party Bus pictures are here.

I also put up a set of recent family photos, including some of my nephew's six-month birthday party.  In case you're wondering if he's still cute--


--the answer is YES.


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Sean Carter

Looks like you had a ton of fun in this party bus rental, me and my friends had really had some amazing nights with them

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