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Where Are They Now?

While I was watching an ad for Progressive Auto Insurance last night, something caught my eye.  See if you can figure out what it was.

Well?  Did you notice?

Hint: It has something to do with one of the actresses.  Watch it again. Does the woman playing "Shoe-Loving Prospective Progressive Customer" seem familiar?  Fans of Saved by the Bell might think so, because that's clearly Leanna Creel*, the actress who played Tori.

You know, her:


Almost threw me off with that hair, Tori, but you could never fool me.


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Wow! I think you're right.

Tori (your friend, not the SBTB character)



Are you sure that's not one of her triplet sisters...?


Pretty sure. I did some research.


Leanna (Saved By The Bell) no longer acts. She's a full time photographer.

The Progressive actress is her triplet sister Monica Creel. (Monica also appeared in the Seinfeld "Yada Yada" episode as the girl Mickey DIDN'T marry!)

the jon

It doesn't matter which triplet it was ... that one from Saved by the Bell was horrible ... The Jon remembers one episode where they had this sock hop band and had to do a dance while they sang ... let's just say the uncoordinated Tori was laughs ... thanks for answering a question that was bugging The Jon.


nope - that's a sister! Ms. Lacy!

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