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Doesn't Look a Day Over 42,500

This is Wilma.


She is a life-size rendering of a 43,000-year-old Neanderthal woman.  Wilma was commissioned by National Geographic for this story and designed from fossils and DNA information from a particular female specimen.  Because the DNA of the woman they based her on suggested that she was a redhead, scientists named the reconstruction Wilma after Wilma Flintstone.  However, from the neck down, she's built a bit more like Fred (Neanderthals were pretty stocky).  Click here for the photo gallery.  I would post a picture, but big W is somewhat nakey-nakey and I know some of you are at work.

Anyway, I don't think Wilma looks too bad; give this lady a shower and a hairbrush, and you've got someone who would meet the standards of even the pickiest Geico caveman.  Check out those natural highlights!

I didn't read the whole National Geographic article, but let me know if you make it through all 10 pages.  I will be worrying about more important things, like starting a letter-writing campaign to get Wilma on the cast for season three of American Gladiators.


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Yeah Wilma is pretty fierce. ANTM Cycle 12?

Pablo Gómez Valero

Yeah, she is prettier than Paris Hilton, the only difference is that PH has a lot of stylist to get her face beauty and wilma to get a troglodyte or some kind of troll doll.

PD: Spain won in Davis cup in front of USA. GO GO Nadal, but don´t care, Roddick is a good guy and person.


oh god. that pic flashed up real big on my screen. gave me a scare.


i love nadal!

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