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I've totally gotten into Mad Men (fortunately, this does NOT violate my code of hating the 1950s, because it takes place in the early '60s), but there is one thing about the show that mystifies me to no end: the obscene amount of drinking that goes on in the offices of Sterling Cooper.  Almost every office scene features an alcoholic drink being poured or consumed.

At first, I thought this was very cool; however, the more I think about it, the more I tend to conclude that alcohol and work should not be combined--at least, not in my case.  My problem is not so much with the work ethic it connotes--just the extreme drowsiness.  One drink at 9 a.m. would probably put me to sleep until noon, and then the lunchtime martini would have me out till three.  That would hardly leave time for 1960s Lauren to come up with sweet ad copy for Clearasil and Samsonite.


(1960s Lauren)

So, did they really drink that much during work hours back then?  If so, I demand to know what they were having.


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James Buchanan

You would totally pee your pants like that guy did


You mean "pulling a Freddy Rumsen"



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