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This Week In Internet: "Fortunately, My House Did Not Blow Up" Edition

Some Etsy Finds


Royal Tennenbaum Finger Puppets, $39
This shop also features a Barack puppet and an Ira Glass one.  Yes, you can now have your own little felt Ira Glass.


Knitted Power Cord, $25
A scarf/belt/whatever for nerds/electricians/whatever.


Elliot Bird Necklace, $65
Not as eccentric as a live parrot on your shoulder, but also will never poop on your head.


Milk and Bread Necklace, $40
Maybe next this seller can make solid gold twist ties.


Harper Coin Purse-Made of Salvaged Banner, $8
Just bought one of these for myself.


Beep Boop Oop Card, $2.25
When you care enough to send your very robot-est.


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I just got a great idea for the Choose Your Own Adventure book crafts: put the page number choice on the outside of a box, and the inside should have the ending part of one of the stories.

And also I just found this on wikipedia and think it's AWESOME:
"One book, Inside UFO 54-40, revolved around the search for a paradise that no one can actively reach; one of the pages in the book describes the player finding the paradise and living happily ever after, although none of the choices in the book led to that page. The ending could only be found by disregarding the rules and going through the book at random. Upon finding the ending, the reader is congratulated for realizing how to find paradise."

James Buchanan

What? Where are my pics of pancake.

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