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The hotel I am in right now has an art deco theme, which means they decided to take advantage of the fact that the building is old and somewhat confusingly built by saying hey, let's pretend that was on purpose.  So the decorations in this art deco hotel are all very, you know, art deco--it's really unfortunate that I don't know a synonym for "art deco," isn't it--and this turned out to be a real problem for me during check-in.

The front desk girl gave me my key and told me to take the elevator to my floor; she pointed to the right as she said "elevator," which I'm guessing is usually enough instruction to give someone about the location of an elevator in a 20 x 30 foot lobby.  But when I turned to the right, all I could see was doors, and I got really confused.  I walked a little further down the lobby, but didn't see any elevators, so I turned back around and looked at the receptionist.  She pointed her thumb again in the same direction, and I looked where she was gesturing and I saw no elevator.  I was totally baffled, and I didn't want to make eye contact with the receptionist again because she was already looking at me like she was wondering if I was some kind of time traveler who was unfamiliar with modern conveniences.

I was starting to feel really helpless and momentarily comtemplated bolting out the door and sleeping on the street, but fortunately at that moment a couple stepped out of one of the doors on the wall and I realized it WAS the elevator.  It was just some stupid art deco shit that had a fancy retro door in FRONT of the regular elevator door.  Like I was supposed to be able to figure that out by myself.  Please.


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James Buchanan

your hotel suxxxxxxx

plz don't forget to buy me souvenirs

wuv woooz


This sounds similar to the elevator in my hotel in Amsterdam. It was like..hello, the MRI called and wants its machine back!

Pablo Gómez Valero

can u take a pic of the door, know i need watch it! thx!


This sounds like the hotel I stayed at in San Francisco. There were two elevators, both teeeeny tiny and one was held behind a door like this and I didn't know it was there until the day I left!


Pablo - I tried to take a picture, but the front desk lady was looking at me funny and I chickened out!

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