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This Week In Internet: "Fortunately, My House Did Not Blow Up" Edition

So yeah, a gas leak kinda kept me out of my house the past couple days, but it is more or less relatively safe-ish to be in here now, so here are some links:

  • The U.S. Mint has unveiled new designs for the penny.  Looks nice, but come on: if you give something completely useless a new face, it's still useless.  Just ask Carrot Top.  (Zing)
  • Pictures of the filthiest apartment you will ever see.  This place makes me look like Martha Stewart.
  • Billed as a sort of Sartorialist for old people, Advanced Style is a new blog with really cute pictures.
  • Man decorates his entire basement with Sharpies.
  • The latest cutting-edge tool to be used in NASA research: rubber duckies.
  • What a McDonald's hamburger looks like after 12 years.
  • The official head pose of gay people on magazine covers is . . .
  • How to theft-proof your sandwich
  • Do you know the laws about purchasing tadpoles online in your state?

I'll probably do a late-edition Pancake Dinner tonight as well.  See you then!


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omg that apartment is insaneeeeee

i can't imagine how it smelled.

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