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Sophisticated Jet Setter


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OMG I love crafting. Here are my ideas:
-Bookmarks - Or is that too obvious?
-One of those things that you hang your keys on when you walk in the door (and maybe in the process giving that thing a name)
-Picture frames

James Buchanan

How about a glasses case?
Picture frames are clearly a good idea -- what about those magnet ones for the fridge?
Additionally, I think you should make more necklaces like that, they are rad. Maybe a bracelet of a similar design?


You are brilliant.

Those are so freaking cool.


Put them on coffee some cool earthen ware. If I made that word up, I apologize. I'm not usually in the office by 7 am.


Tshirts, lady.

michelle woo

This is such a good idea. How about little jewelry boxes? And I wanna see your necklace! Oh, nostalgia.

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