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10/6/08: The Day the World Said, "Oh, Shit!"

This was the lead image on the site all day today, running alongside such headlines as "Stocks Plummet Worldwide," "World Markets in Free Fall," and "OMG, the Economy is, Like, Dunzo."


As you can see, the photos here are pretty simple: at bottom, some finance guy is saying "Shiiiiiiit;" at top, another finance guy is giving the international symbol for "Seriously, the markets are so bad that I just threw up in my mouth a little."  They were pulled from a larger set (which you can view in its entirety here) showing more of the same from around the world.  For example, here's the "Oh, shit" finance face in India:


And here's what it looks like in China:




It's like stock photography from a parallel universe where everyone is sad.  They're dressed exactly like the generic businesspeople on brochures and websites, but looking like someone pissed in their cornflakes x 1000.

Speaking of it being a small world, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Orlando for another business trip.  I'll be back Thursday, but hopefully I'll be able to check in before then and let you know if my hotel has any elevators masquerading as doors.


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the mayor

All in all, the Germans look the least sad. Or at least, they seem the least sad given what I know of the stereotypical German demeanor.

Pablo Gómez Valero


One world, one word.


Well said!


There's a whole blog dedicated to this:

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