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A Little Stroll Down Awkward Memory Lane

Every Photo of Me Must Now Be Shot from This Angle

Last week the place I visited in Philadelphia had a front desk security guard that was, by far, the laziest I have ever seen in my life.  However, this resulted in a visitor badge that was, also by far, the best I have ever had the privilege of wearing.  Behold:
There are many wonderful things about this badge, like the fact that he did not bother to type out my whole name or enter a primary contact, but clearly the real showstopper is that gorgeous photo.  The Matrix-like effect you see going on was produced by the innovative photographic technique of not caring enough to pick the camera up off his desk and point it at me, and it is certainly a technique I will employ in the future whenever I want to look like that special combination of giant, gangsta, and first floor education center visitor.


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hahaha i'm totally calling you L Mc now

James Buchanan



can i get this guy's name? i'd like to hire him to guard my used band-aid collection.

Account Deleted

Now that shit is funny!

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