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LMNOP Corporate Newsletter No. 572

I just put up a new, holiday-themed banner last night, so refresh the page a few times if you are still seeing the old one. 

In other holiday-flavored site administration news, two of my LMNOProducts are included in the massive holiday giveaway at Oh How Lovely Shops, which is more or less my favorite shopping blog these days.  Jamie finds a crapload of cute stuff each week on Etsy and elsewhere, and has giveaways every week.  Check it out, yo.

Finally, my little Etsy shop passed the 50-sale mark yesterday, just in time for me to write Cathy Addison-Weemer's bonus check for 2K8.  She can finally get that third cat!


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Welcome back Cathy Addison-Weemer! (Also, I like the new banner.)

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