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Pop Quiz from the LMNOP IT Department

Is anyone out there other than my mom and Ben not seeing the banner image at the top of this page when they load the site?  Please post in the comments and let me know if this happens all the time or only sometimes, and also what browser you use and whether or not you floss regularly.


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I'm not seeing it but I thought it was just me. I use Internet Explorer. The banner has never shown up and...don't tell my mom, but I don't floss.


Yes, no, Firefox/Mac, erm... no


It always loads in Firefox but never in Explorer. And it loads in Opera Mini on my phone.

I floss regularly on an irregular basis. I am not currently in a flossing phase.

usually loads... isn't right now. Internet explorer.

Look Ma, I flossed!


No I don't see it - I use Internet Explorer and thought it was because my company's firewall was blocking it - they block a lot of stuff. And yes I floss every night because my teeth don't feel clean if I don't - but I am old anal-retentive perfectionist, so I'm not saying it's a healthy obsession ...


havent seen it for a while (i use IE), i suppose since you changed it last? at first i thought it was just a slow-loader, so i sat and watched the white space for about 2 minutes. i dont do that anymore.


I'm seeing the banner. I usually access the site through the RSS feed so I generally don't see the header, but I pop over to the actual site every so often for the visual goodness. I'm using Firefox, and I floss about once a week or anytime I have popcorn.


I want to floss, really I do. I just forget a lot. Banner looks fine on Firefox though. Maybe people who floss don't see it.

Liz B

I use internet explorer, and the banner has never shown up for me. I thought it was something I had to search for..heh

ANd I do floss. sometimes...


Actually it is the weirdest thing, I saw it exactly one time, on the same computer I always view it on, and never again.


I didn't realize on my own, but I don't see it. Internet Explorer. In the past it always appeared.

Intermittent flosser. Has to be waxed.

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