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The LMNOP IT Department Is on the Case

First of all, thank you to everyone who responded to the little poll the other day.  It seems that the banner-image problem is Internet Explorer-related, which totally disproves my theory that it was linked to flossing habits.  (By the way people, your dental hygiene is ALL OVER THE PLACE.)

Anyway, Internet Explorer peeps, can you see it now?  The banner image?  I did a little tweakeroo, but I don't know if it fixed anything.  Refresh the page a couple of times, floss for good measure, and then tell me if you can see it.


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I can finally see it.


I couldn't see it (ever) before on Firefox/Mac, but now I can. Thanks.

I'll try to floss more.


It's up on my IE. Strong work, LMNOPIT!

I flossed last night. I hope that helped.


i switched to safari.


she be up an' running, Cap'in!

Paul. G. Valero

Me too, and with new style!
thinking in green!


I'm late to the game - but I can see it!

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