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This Week In Internet: I Will Not Stop Until I Have Linked to Every Baby Animal on the Internet

Haven't done a link dump in a while, so here we go.

  • In '90s TV news: Stephanie Tanner in custody war; Kelly Kapowski pregnant; Full House remake planned, then canned.
  • Far Side Reenactments Flickr Pool, anyone?
  • Mini horses like this one have caused me to adjust my official position on horses slightly.  The current party line: Normal-size horsies still suck, but mini ones are officially Cute.
  • Baby befriends orangutan!
  • Baby Alive is a little too alive.
  • The best unanswered Slate "Explainer" questions of the year.  My fave: "Can men eat the Activia yogurt that is advertised exclusively to the modern woman in khakis?"  No, but Lauren McHahon can.
  • What your favorite sports teams were almost called
  • That is not a Pomeranian, sir.
  • It's OK, I'm Attractive
  • The Atlas of True Names

In other news, I'm cold.


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James Buchanan

your coasters are effing adorable


Thanks, James!

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