I Guess I Don't Need Three Kinds of Nivea Balm

Spotted: THE TRUTH

I took this picture from my car a couple weeks ago at a gas station in western Maryland.  I am wishing now more than ever that I had walked the 50 or so yards to the sign to take one of the packets of TRUTH that appear to be stapled to it, but frankly it just seemed to far to walk at the time.  I guess I am waiting for the meaning of life to make itself even more convenient to me--say, 25 yards?  And on a warmer day?--before I take advantage of it.  Until then, let the DECEPTION continue.


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Ha - it took me a good minute to realize that "J.W.S" stands for "Jehovah's Witnesses" and isn't just a bizarre misspelling of "Jews."


Yeah, I thought the same thing. I was pondering how writing "J.W." instead of "JEW" doesn't really save you any time, and then it occurred to me that it actually stood for Jehovah's Witnesses.


HAH. I thought the same thing about "J.W." But apparently Jews are the only ones not being deceived...or there are none of us in western Maryland...or some Jews put that sign up. Regardless, apparently the Muslim packets of truth are WAY more popular than the others...


No kidding. And the Catholics apparently are not interested.


That sign looks tall, maybe catholics are short?

Also, that entire sign set up is a graphic designer's nightmare.

Whitney G

I thought J.W.S was some bastardization of "Jews," as well. Which makes me wonder...why WEREN'T Jews included in the list? Maybe the signmaker thinks Jews are just some Hollywood myth.

Also, I'm sure the signmaker is well-versed in Islamic religious belief, as well as Catholicism, Mormonism, and, uh, Jehovah's Witnessing. I know I always believe everything I read in pamphlets left on the side of the road!

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