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The Future Is Coming, and It Looks Like a Giant Lego Pulling a Rickshaw

Yesterday The Big Picture put up a collection of photos of robots, and it was awesome.  Here are some of my favorites.

Evidently this is a robot showing off its ability to manipulate delicate objects, but I thought it was just the villain from Inspector Gadget preparing to enjoy a cold beverage.

This is an underwater robot called RoboLobster.  It was designed to perform the highly complex task of reminding you that RoboLobster is the coolest word ever.

This robot will eat your brains.

I love that there is a robot that can shoot nets to capture robbers.  Like the scientists were thinking, "I know!  Let's make a state-of-the-art, futuristic device that employs law-enforcement techniques inspired by those 1920s movie bank robbers who stole those big dollar-sign sacks!"

"Farmer Wu Yulu drives his rickshaw pulled by a his self-made walking robot near his home in a village at the outskirts of Beijing January 8, 2009." 

I want a giant Lego Man FarmBot.  Now.

"The 350,000 yen (US$3,480) Paro, a cooing baby harp seal robot fitted with sensors beneath its fur and whiskers, is developed by Japan's Intelligent System Co, to soothe patients in hospitals and nursing homes."

This may be the best invention of all time.


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James Buchanan

I think those seals are going to eat my brains, too, but I won't mind because they are so cute

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