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This Week In Internet: Animals, NPR, and Comic Sans

This week I looked at the Internet!  Here are some links I found!

This video of a 10-year-old kid getting interviewed on the Today Show is awesome.  The best parts are when she is clearly being condescending to the two idiot hosts and they don't even really notice.  I also cracked up when they zoomed out to reveal her hilariously awkward posture/seating position.  That is the exact same graceless pose I employed in my televised spelling bee days. 

Totally cool zoo pictures.

Find your "NPR Name" using this simple formula: "Take your middle initial and insert it somewhere into your first name.  Then you add on the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited."  Me=Laureen St. Goar.

17 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

WSJ article on That Font (thx, Gorg-o)


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So that would make me Martthew Dos Brazos. Sounds like a legit NPR name.

Pablo G. Valero

I feel sorry for the girl-kid when she begining to study Isabel II(Elisabeth) of Spain, because she was a real bitch, literally.

Pablo G. Valero

I think the correct traslate is isabella II no Elizabeth II, sorry.


My name would be Dholly Hohenschwangau. Hmmm...

Great finds this week. I've been so busy, I am behind on all my feeds. :(

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