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So I'm guessing I'm not the only one who is totally sick of all the recession- and bailout-themed advertising going on right now.  There are only so many variations on the whole "Feeling the pinch?  Buy a THIS THING!" I can take.

HOWEVER, I have to say that when I came across the following sign in a shopping center near my office the other day, I couldn't help but appreciate it for its directness.  No attempt at being clever was made.
This is recession advertising at its best, people.  There is none of that annoying, overeager, "Look!  We made something rhyme with 'Bailout!'" stuff here, nosiree.  It's just a sign that basically says, "Hey.  The economy is crappy right now.  And maybe--just maybe--you want a crappy haircut to go with it.  Well, we can be the ones to give you that crappy haircut."

I like it.


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Pablo G. Valero

just maybe? hahahaha camon, everyone want a crappy haircut! even u can save money. gap, gap, gap.

Pablo G. Valero

I tried to be sarcastic ¬¬

Chic Runner

ha ha I see these too! They crack me up

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