My New Excuses for Not Blogging Will Be "Kidney Stolen" and "It Burns"
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Takin' a Breather

This Week in Internet: Bad Books, Cute Weddings, and the Wheel of Lunch

Lots of links this week; let's get to 'em!

Favorite link of the week. Adorable!

The Ultimate Test. "The disassembled parts of a high-powered rifle have been placed on your desk. You will also find and instruction manual, printed in Swahili. In ten minutes a hungry Bengal tiger will be admitted to the room. Take whatever action you feel appropriate. Be prepared to justify your decision."

Planning a trip to the beach this weekend? Enjoy your massive diarrhea.

The Fast Food Mafia. I would not want to run into Ron "The Don" McDonald in a dark alley.

Awful Library Books.

"Now he's eating a lady."
"Well that's his business."

0.2 mm of rain falls in the Chilean desert, shuts down entire city

Don't know what to have for lunch?  Enter your zip code and spin the wheel!

Do not like crowds.  These pictures made me break out in hives.

Five Epcot rides that predicted the future, and how they did.  Incidentally, these are all the rides/attractions you would do multiple times--not because they were particularly awesome, but because they involved sitting in air conditioning for 20 minutes.

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About.

The 16 Worst Cartoon Theme Songs of the 1980s.  Ummmm, excrruuuse me?  The Gummy Bears theme song was awesome.

Sweet mural!

Apparently this guy has been living in a cave since 2000 on zero dollars a day.  I read the article and it seems like zero dollars a day gets you pretty much exactly the kind of lifestyle you would think it does: a gross and smelly one.

People Pets continues to be the most ridiculously inane site ever, and I continue to read it.  This week: an entire slideshow of photos of celebrities picking up their dogs' poop.

"If extraterrestrial citizens are monitoring our TV broadcasts, then this is what they're currently watching."


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Ok I loved the Snorks and the Gummi Bear

James Buchanan


James Buchanan

Wow the slideshow about dog poop is RIDICULOUS


For the China article: I like how basically they show a bunch of pictures with Chinese people crammed into the pool, which is all totally germane to the story, and then they show a monkey eating a popsicle because, hey, look that monkey's eating a popsicle.


Also they call it an "ice lolly"

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