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Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Best Seat in the House

This Week In Internet: Monkeys, Big Gulps, and World War III

It's good being back on Internet patrol.  This week's links:

Big Gulps, huh? (thx, Matt)

Monkeys + grammar = a Lauren-approved experiment.

A nice shirt to wear to graduation.  And while we're talking about T-shirts, this one is funny as well.

Jilted Hasbro CEO Laughs Coldly As Scrabble Destroys Another Relationship (thx, Phylan)

These are hilarious: The 15 Creepiest Vintage Ads of All Time (gracias, Tito)

How to take regular fast food meals apart and make them all fancy

WWIII propaganda.
Loose Tweets Sink Fleets!

Ralph Lauren will make the opening/closing ceremony outfits for the upcoming Winter Olympics. "For the Vancouver Games, Polo has designed zip-up snowflake sweaters, knit caps and parkas, about half of which will bear its polo-player logo."  Snowflakes?  Yeah . . . that's gonna look BADASS.

Enjoy your weekend!


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