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I Can't Wait to Start Using the Word "Bearsness" in Meetings

I have no idea what this is, why it exists, or why Keanu Reeves is involved.  I just know it is the best thing ever.

I am having trouble deciding what is the best moment of the entire clip, though.  Is it:

a.) When the little boy says, "Look at this bear! He's so soft and cute!"

b.) When Keanu Reeves fake attacks himself with said bear

c.) When Keanu Reeves, wearing white plastic sunglasses, makes a pun about talking "bearsness"

Also, thx to Emily for ensuring that my life involved seeing this.


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B B B B B. At least that was my favorite when I watched it. It's so unexpected.

Thank GOD for the internet.

James Buchanan

Bearsness sounds like a word I already say


Isn't it amazing how you can tell, even at a young and tender age, how people will turn out when they are older? This is such a great example of that. I mean, the acting skills he would later "posess" are already so evident here...

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