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This Week In Internet: Marky Mark, IKEA, and the Babysitter's Club

Some of these links may be a little more than a week old because I was gone last week, but ehhh, whatever--I think they still taste just fine.

Vintage Marky Mark. Not as good as vintage Keanu Reeves, but it'll do in a pinch.

Sorry, forgot the attachment.

An IKEA catalog from 1965.  Looks very Mad Men.

Legos + stop motion = awesome

Think you had a bad week?  Try traveling 130 miles across Germany in your wheelchair to propose to your girlfriend, getting shot down, then hitting a rut and bouncing out of your wheelchair on the way home and needing police assistance to get back on it.  That is a bad week.

100 Totally Fun and Weird College Courses You Can Take for Free


Why do flamingos stand on one leg?

Babysitter's Club, the College Years.

Balloon animals of a very boring clown. 

Have a good weekend!

Periodic Nephew Update


My nephew is now 18 months old, which means he is getting smart.  I am going to have to start thinking really seriously about how best to position myself as favorite aunt.  Some ideas include:

  • Always having Tic Tacs
  • Teaching him bad words when my sister isn't listening
  • Spreading rumors that Aunt Kate is a witch and eats baby toes
  • Buying his love with quarters


If you have experience in the area of Convincing a Toddler to Love You the Most, please leave some pointers.  I may run out of quarters pretty fast.

What We Do When We Aren't Attending Cutco Demonstrations

Over the weekend my friends Cassie, Carolyn and I went to a party where you were supposed to dress up like a high school cliche.  We decided to go as two goths and a prep.
I don't think there were any actual goths at my high school, unless they were really exceptional goths who did a remarkable job of being withdrawn.  This is entirely possible, because it was a magnet school, so it would make sense that the goths would have overachieved at goth-ness. 

Anyway, here are some things I learned about being a goth.

First off, it is physically impossible to make this face for more than 1.5 seconds at a time.
After that, you have to laugh at yourself.
Additionally, if you are planning on going anywhere as a goth anytime soon, you should know that black lipstick requires constant reapplication.  It also leaves a rather diseased-looking black imprint on whatever cup you are drinking out of.

Finally, if you need goth accoutrements in a hurry, I highly recommend hitting up your nearest Party City.  Mine had an entire goth section, and let me just say it was hard to stop at buying only these socks and nothing else.
At least they are something I can wear over and over again.

Teen Choice Awards Fashion Recap

The Teen Choice Awards were earlier this week, but it has taken me several days to get an appropriate fashion recap together.  This is probably because I am old.

Lil' Mama
While 90% of American teens are overdoing it with the whole emo trend, Lil' Mama has decided to instead overdo it with the lesser-known emu trend.  What a difference a vowel makes.

Drake Bell
I have never heard of this Drake Bell person before.  This means that literally EVERYTHING I know about him is that (1) he exists; and (2) he owns flowered velvet flare pants.  So, I would say that Drake Bell and I are not off to a good start.

Jordana Brewster
I am not entirely sure why Jordana Brewster was at this event.  I am entirely sure that her dress looks like a full-body sports bra.

Kristen Stewart
I would make fun of this look, but it actually incorporates two of my favorite trends: frowning, and metal shark teeth.

Rumer Willis
So, I have this style rule.  It's actually pretty simple: a good dress should not remind anyone of the phrase "massive dandruff."  This dress breaks that rule.

These guys
So . . . these guys just look like a bunch of dweebs.

Vanessa Hudgens


I don't know why, but I can't shake the feeling that the bottom half of this dress would look better as a hat.  On a monkey.

I Can't Wait to Start Using the Word "Bearsness" in Meetings

I have no idea what this is, why it exists, or why Keanu Reeves is involved.  I just know it is the best thing ever.

I am having trouble deciding what is the best moment of the entire clip, though.  Is it:

a.) When the little boy says, "Look at this bear! He's so soft and cute!"

b.) When Keanu Reeves fake attacks himself with said bear

c.) When Keanu Reeves, wearing white plastic sunglasses, makes a pun about talking "bearsness"

Also, thx to Emily for ensuring that my life involved seeing this.