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This would be circa 1989.  Michael in the shorts suit, Kate in the middle, me with the Popeye sash, Kelly in the back looking miserable. And then there's Mom, who at the moment this was snapped was probably realizing that my dad was the smart one to be behind the camera, because in exactly 20 years there might end up being a thing called the Internet, and this might end up on it.


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Actually, I think I look pretty good there. And isn't that the dress you or Kelly Boyd borrowed one Halloween?


Also, it's probably 1990 because we were still in Massachusetts for Easter of 1989.


True. And yes, that dress is quite spectacular. I think it is the one Kelly borrowed for the 80s Prom party we went to.


This is an awesome photograph. Well done.


One more comment. Didn't realize I was able to function so well when you were all so little. I obviously added the red ribbon around your hat to coordinate with your sash(which should be tied into a bow) and Michael's red bow tie. Since we're probably leaving or returning from 8 am Mass(I'd guess returning), I did pretty well getting all of you up, dressed, and out the door without chocolate Easter candy smeared across your faces.


a. I knew it was 1990, but no one should admit to dressing like that after the 80s (or ever)
b. I am pretty sure those are Timmy's hand me downs Michael is wearing.
c. there is no question why I look miserable

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