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Periodic Nephew Update


My nephew is now 18 months old, which means he is getting smart.  I am going to have to start thinking really seriously about how best to position myself as favorite aunt.  Some ideas include:

  • Always having Tic Tacs
  • Teaching him bad words when my sister isn't listening
  • Spreading rumors that Aunt Kate is a witch and eats baby toes
  • Buying his love with quarters


If you have experience in the area of Convincing a Toddler to Love You the Most, please leave some pointers.  I may run out of quarters pretty fast.


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Always bring balloons or cupcakes. The balloons don't even have to have helium in them. Balloons and/or cupcakes = Fun Party Aunt


I do bite his toes. BUT, unfortunately for you, he loves it. So keep telling him...

And as for the witch thing, once I have shown him your goth pics, no contest. Thanks for these advantages!


Am I crazy or is the resemblance between you and your nephew totally intense? Way cute.

Also, instead of making two separate comments, I'll just say here that Jon Gosselin is a total waste.


He looks so much like my older sister (his mom) that that's the resemblance we really notice in my fam. But that IS the exact face I make when playing with a wireless keyboard in a big red chair, so clearly there is some kind of resemblance going on.


Tic-tacs are a sure bet, as will be GUM (particularly frutiy flavors) in about a year/year and a half.

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