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Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Pancake the Sailor Man

Yesterday Kelly and I took Pancake to Lake Needwood to ride the pedal boats.  You know what dogs don't like?  Life vests.
We ditched those pretty quickly.  Panny wasn't sure what to make of things once we got on the boat, but after a while he started to enjoy looking out at the water.
I was very proud of my little pup.
(As a sidenote, the sunglasses I am wearing in the picture above ended up meeting a watery grave just minutes later when we were getting off the boat and they fell off my head.  Bye, sunglasses.)
I would also just like to compliment Kelly on what I consider to have been a very well-chosen pedal-boating outfit: dirty T-shirt and homemade cutoff jorts.  Well done.


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James Buchanan

You totally can't see the ginormo stain on my t-shirt in these pictures


Jorts are making a comeback. I saw them at Guess yesterday. Oh and that time you wore them this summer.

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