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Over the weekend my friends Cassie, Carolyn and I went to a party where you were supposed to dress up like a high school cliche.  We decided to go as two goths and a prep.
I don't think there were any actual goths at my high school, unless they were really exceptional goths who did a remarkable job of being withdrawn.  This is entirely possible, because it was a magnet school, so it would make sense that the goths would have overachieved at goth-ness. 

Anyway, here are some things I learned about being a goth.

First off, it is physically impossible to make this face for more than 1.5 seconds at a time.
After that, you have to laugh at yourself.
Additionally, if you are planning on going anywhere as a goth anytime soon, you should know that black lipstick requires constant reapplication.  It also leaves a rather diseased-looking black imprint on whatever cup you are drinking out of.

Finally, if you need goth accoutrements in a hurry, I highly recommend hitting up your nearest Party City.  Mine had an entire goth section, and let me just say it was hard to stop at buying only these socks and nothing else.
At least they are something I can wear over and over again.


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brilliant disaffected scowl.

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