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Needless to Say, I Recommend Paying for Priority Shipping

You know what your life has been missing?


THE COMPLETE SERIES OF FULL HOUSE.  On DVD.  32 discs.  192 episodes. 


And it is on sale at for a mere $78.99.  That's a huge savings off the regular price of $169.98, which is already a STEAL anyway, if you ask me.  (I routinely spend more than that trying to have my hair guy recreate Uncle Jesse's style for me.)

If you aren't convinced, take some time to read the overwhelmingly popular customer reviews of the DVD set.  Reviewer Clavinbot writes, "This is a great box set for those who haven't been getting the sets individually."  TRUE STORY.  And, as someone named Turtlebutt points out, "It is very family friendly."  People named Turtlebutt know these things!!!

I am just going to stop writing now, because by this sentence you have all clicked on over to Amazon to buy this beauty and are clearly no longer reading this post anyway.


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I remember someone blew my mind once when they told me that the Beach Boys were in not one but two episodes of Full House--the one where they went to Hawaii, and then some other one.

Stephanie Judith Tanner

The one where DJ wins the radio contest and has to decide who to take to the concert and then the Beach Boys come to their house and the whole fam gets to go...and sing on stage. Obvs. I want that house box REAL BAD.

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