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This Week in Internet: Llamas, Flo, and That Puppy

Touche, Bob Garfield

The other day I posted tweet linking to a Mental Floss quiz in which you had to match the names of various public radio personalities with their photos.


Less than an hour later, my friend Phylan tweeted the following in response--


--which I thought was funny.  So I replied back:


And that was the end of the conversation.  Until today, that is.  Apparently Bob Garfield is on Twitter AND actively searching the web for references to himself (hey, no judgment--I have a Google alert on my name, and I am not even remotely famous.  In fact, most of the alerts I get have to do with another Lauren McMahon's bowling scores).   So, get this--Bob Garfield called us out!  First, he said this:


Yes.  The host of On the Media called my friend "babycakes." 

Touche, Bob Garfield.

He then proceeded to mock two of my recent, particularly uninteresting tweets:


Threeche, Bob Garfield.  ("Threeche" is what comes after "touche," duh.)

Lessons learned:

  1. Bob Garfield hears everything you say about him. That is how on the media Bob Garfield is.
  2. Bob Garfield is actually quite cool.  However, it's no wonder nobody can identify his photo in a Mental Floss quiz--he is obscuring his identity by hiding behind a Simpsons avatar!
  3. I will henceforth be randomly injecting insults directed at various public radio personalities into my tweets in the hopes of baiting them into sending me hilarious @ replies.  So if you ever see me tweet something like "Eating a Popsicle and being glad I am not stuck in an elevator with that loser Ira Glass," you will know why.
  4. Bob Garfield is probably reading this right now.  Hi, Bob!


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Oooh... the latest celebrity feud, I like it!

I think the only public radio host I could recognize would be Ira Glass -- voices yes, faces no.


Haha, great story. He probably is reading this entry, too. Win. :)

James Buchanan

don't make fun of diane rehm


bob garfield sounds like a real douche.

@james dude, you know i love diane rehm and want to have her hair someday

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